Apollo - Ultra-Low Power MCU

Apollo - Ultra-Low Power MCU

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The Apollo family of microcontrollers from Ambiq Micro represents a quantum leap forward in the low-power MCU world. Power sensitive applications today are not looking for incremental reductions in energy consumption - they need revolutionary advances and the Apollo MCUs deliver. These highly-integrated microcontrollers offer industry-leading power numbers in BOTH active modes and sleep modes. Additionally, they offer the performance of an ARM Cortex-M4F core at power levels that are even lower than competing ARM Cortex- M0+ solutions. Unrivaled power savings combined with a high-performance processing engine make the Apollo MCUs an ideal solution for battery-powered devices and other power-sensitive applications.


  • Ultra-low active mode power consumption: 30µA/MHz (executing from Flash)
  • Ultra-low sleep mode power consumption: 100nA (with RTC on)
  • High-performance, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F processor
    • Up to 24MHz clock frequency
    • Floating point unit
    • Wake-up interrupt controller with 12 interrupts
  • Ultra-low power memory
    • Up to 512kB Flash
    • Up to 64kB low-leakage RAM
  • Ultra-low power interface for off-chip sensors
    • 10-bit, 13-channel, 1MS/s ADC
    • Temperature sensor with ±2°C accuracy
  • Rich set of timing peripherals
  • Flexible serial peripherals
    • I²C/SPI master for communication with external peripherals
    • I²C/SPI slave for optional host communications
    • UART for communication with peripherals and legacy devices
  • Wide operating range: 1.8 to 3.8V
  • Compact package options
    • 64-pin BGA with 50 GPIO
    • 42-pin CSP with 28 GPIO
Product variations
512KB Flash, 64KB RAM, WLCSP
Apollo_derivate: 512KB Flash, 64KB RAM, WLCSP
1.69 *
512KB Flash, 64KB RAM, BGA
Apollo_derivate: 512KB Flash, 64KB RAM, BGA
1.83 *
256KB Flash, 32KB RAM, WLCSP
Apollo_derivate: 256KB Flash, 32KB RAM, WLCSP
1.25 *
256KB Flash, 32KB RAM, BGA
Apollo_derivate: 256KB Flash, 32KB RAM, BGA
1.39 *
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