3G/ HD/ SD SDI Card

3G/ HD/ SD SDI Card

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The 3GSDI FMC Connectivity mezzanine card is designed to provide 2ch input, 2ch output and 2ch by-directional channels of 3G/HD/SD SDI format with the connection between FMC (HPC) connector. It could expand up to 4ch input, 4ch output and 4ch by-directional channels by using expansion connector.

The TB-FMCH-3GSDI2A board consists of TI's 3G/HD/SD SDI equalizer/driver "LMH0387" x 6, video clock generator "LMH1983" and multi-format video sync separator "LMH1981".
It also has two on board crystals (148.5MHz and 148.3516MHz) which each can be reference clocks.
The board uses Samtec‘s DIN coaxial connector "DIN7A-J-P-GFRA-BH1" for SDI equalizer/driver input/output and multi-format video sync separator analog video input.

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