ClickBeetle EVB - BlueBeetle I

ClickBeetle EVB - BlueBeetle I

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BlueBeetle I is part of the ClickBeetle™ Reference Platform and adds a brain and BLE to the application. BlueBeetle I contains an Ambiq Micro Apollo 1 MCU with ultra-low-power consumption bundled with a Nordic NRF8001 BLE communications chip.

Ambiq Micro Apollo 1 MCU:

  • Ultra-low active mode power consumption: 35μA/MHz (executing from Flash)
  • Wide operating range: 1.8 to 3.8V
  • Ultra-low sleep mode power consumption: 143nA (with RTC on)
  • High-performance, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F processor
    • Up to 24MHz clock frequency
    • Floating point unit
    • Wake-up interrupt controller with 12 interrupts
  • Ultra-low power memory
    • Up to 512kB Flash
    • Up to 64kB low-leakage RAM
  • Flexible serial peripherals
    • I2C/SPI master for communication with external peripherals
    • I2C/SPI slave for optional host communications
    • UART for communication with peripherals and legacy devices

Nordic NRF8001 BLE:

  • Radio features
    • Bluetooth low energy RF transceiver
    • Ultra-low peak current consumption <14 mA
    • Common TX/RX terminals
    • Low current for connection oriented profiles, typically 2 μA
    • Ultra-low current for connectionless oriented profiles, typically 500 nA
  • Auxiliary features
    • Integrated low frequency reference oscillator
    • Power management
    • Battery monitor
    • Temperature monitor
    • Integrated 16 MHz crystal oscillator
    • OTP for customer configuration
    • UART Test Interface for Direct Test Mode
    • Application Controller Interface (ACI)
    • Radio Active signal


Package content:

  • ClickBeetle™  BlueBeetle I Board
  • 2 x 2mm pin headers and 2 x 2mm socket connectors

Download Documentation, Schematics and Software at

Please note: The ClickBeetle™-Reference Platform and all related boards are evaluation kits intended for the testing of components and development of products featuring the same. These custom-build evaluation kits are designed for professionals to be used solely at research and development facilities for such purposes and are only available on a business-to-business basis.

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