ClickBeetle EVB - BreakOutBeetle (unpopulated)

ClickBeetle EVB - BreakOutBeetle (unpopulated)

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BreakoutBeetle is part of the ClickBeetle™ Reference Platform to easily program and debug your application. The breakout board can also connect the ClickBeetle™ to the mikroBus™ standard from MikroElektronika, enabling you to combine the boards with with more than 500 click boards™ in your test application.

  • ClickBeetle™ bus footprint
    • ClickBeetle™ THT mountable
    • ClickBeetle™ SMT mountable
  • ClickBeetle™ 2.54mm pitch breakout (pins not included)
  • MikroBus™ Footprint (pins not included)

The boards is currently only available unpopulated. Optional features and footprints (parts not included):

  • 10-pin SWD connector
  • Reset Button
  • USB Power
    • Convert from 5 V to 3.3 V
    • with Power Measurement Jumper


If you are looking for an assembled board, with already mounted memory, please contact the FEEU ClickBeetle™ team following the contact details on


Package content:

  • ClickBeetle™  BreakoutBeetle Board
  • 2 x 2mm pin headers and 2 x 2mm socket connectors

Download Documentation and Schematics at

Please note: The ClickBeetle™-Reference Platform and all related boards are evaluation kits intended for the testing of components and development of products featuring the same. These custom-build evaluation kits are designed for professionals to be used solely at research and development facilities for such purposes and are only available on a business-to-business basis.

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