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Autostereoscopic 3D Demo Display 12.5"

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The D125UHDL is a prototypic demonstrator device of an autostereoscopic 3D-Display in portrait format that provides spatial visualization without the need of glasses. To achieve spatial visualization, the 3D-Display needs to be driven with content that is prepared in special way.
following versions are available:

  • 3DG-D125UHDLM05N070A-RAA


Intended field of usage

The device is designed to demonstrate the effect and the quality of 3D Global´s autostereoscopic 3D technology on an 12.5” sized sample display. Since this device is a prototypical setup, no commercial certifications (such as CE) have been realized, thus the device is intended for demonstration purposes only and shall not be sold as a commercial product.


Display specifications

Parameter Value Unit Note
Display size 31.72 (12.5") diagonal cm -
Active area 279.48 (H) x 155.52 (V) mm -
Native pixel count 3840 (H) x 2160 (V) pixel UHD
Native pixel alignment 1 pixel =R+G+B subpixel vertical stripe - -
Front surface Anti-reflective (AR) protection glass -

for model number


Optical specifications

Parameter Value
Unit Note
max. brightness 115 (typ.) cd/m² average of 5 points
see note 4-1
see note 4-2
contrast ratio 1000:1 (typ.) - see note 4-1
see note 4-2
number of 3D views 5 - for model number D125UHDLM05N070A-RAA
optimal 3D viewing distance 70 cm for model number D125UHDLM05N070A-RAA
width of each 3D zone approx 32 cm measured in ideal viewing distance
viewing angle horizontal +60 / -60 (typ.) deg -
viewing angle vertical +60 / -60 (typ.) deg -
native color depth per color 8 bit 16.7M colors

optical characteristics measured in dark environment after 30 minutes of operation / PWM duty = 100%
Note 4-1
Refer to specification of underlying LCD-panel for details
Note 4-2
All views driven identical with 100% white


Electrical specifications

Parameter Value Unit Note
Power input 12 / 2A VDC external AC/DC
Power-supply provided
Power consumption 15 (typ) W -
Signal input mini DP
mini HDMI
- -


Mechanical specifications

Parameter Value (approx.) Unit Note
Device outer dimensions 296 x 210 x 18 W x H x D (mm) w/o cable
w/o stand
Device weight 950 g w/o cable
w/o stand
Wooden stand outer dimension 296 x 115 x 20 L x W x H display slot tilt by
approx 30°
Wooden stand weight 400 g  


Environment specification

Parameter Value Unit Note
Ambient remperature for storage -20 - +60 °C -
Ambient temperature for operation 0 - +50 °C -
Ambient humidity

90% RH max. at Ta < +40°C
max wet-bulb temperature at +39°C or less at Ta >+40°C
no consideration


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